Wednesday, December 3, 2008

VPA Awards

Thursday will be the last official day of Cavalier Daily production this semester, but we're not done yet: Some members of the staff will continue to work past that date in order to prepare The Cavalier Daily's submissions for the 2008 Virginia Press Association contest.
Every year, the Virginia Press Association — of which The Cavalier Daily is a member — holds one of the largest news, editorial and photography contests in the nation. In the past, The Cavalier Daily has performed well in categories ranging from layout design to in-depth reporting, even though it competes against professional publications. Last year, The Cavalier Daily's tableau section stood out — sweeping first through third place in the critical writing category in which The Cavalier Daily competes — and several other sections also took home second or third place awards.In order to nominate the most deserving articles published by The Cavalier Daily since Jan. 1, section editors and other staff members comb through the archives to find the best articles in a variety of categories ranging from Column Writing to Sports Column Writing. Also included are a number of design and photography categories.VPA awards are judged on several qualities, depending on the category in which an entry is submitted. For example, most news articles are judged on their clarity, style, precision of vocabulary, accuracy, attribution, attention to detail and grammar, among other qualities. Each entry category has strict rules for how a publication can nominate articles, and The Cavalier Daily will do its best to see that its best articles have a chance at once again winning some of these awards.