Sunday, April 19, 2009

One more week...

One more week, and you'll have to pay attention in class. :)

After several months of spring semester production, The Cavalier Daily will go out of production for the summer after this week. The paper will publish a graduation issue as well as a special "summer mail-home," and will resume publishing the first week of fall semester classes.

So, what is on the final week's slate of stories? Another "Love Connection," for one. No word yet on whether anyone loses his or her shorts -- honestly, we doubt it -- but certainly interesting nonetheless. Elsewhere, expect plenty of Sports previews, as many of Virginia's teams -- including the No. 2 men's lacrosse team and the undefeated men's tennis team -- are accelerating on their way to post-season berths. And, in News, check back Friday for a series of year-in-review stories that also will make an effort to look ahead at what may happen in the coming months.

For many of us who work at The Cavalier Daily, the close of production is a simultaneously painful and wonderful experience. Our graduating fourth-year class -- congratulations to them, by the way -- already started experiencing this strange mixture of joy and forlornness weeks ago, but many current staffers are just coming to terms with the idea of no longer having to show up in the office. 

Just to show how much Cavalier Daily higher-ups appreciate staffers' commitment to the paper, the managing board will host a "Final Roll" party Thursday night to celebrate a year to remember. Hopefully, next semester brings the same kind of fun and hard-hitting journalism that has kept us going -- and has kept University students from paying attention in class -- for more than a century. Best of luck on final exams!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Featuring Honor

Tomorrow, The Cavalier Daily will publish the first article in a series of so-called "Honor Features."

These features are intended to stimulate discussion about the University's honor system and create dialogue between students, the paper, and the Honor Committee via in-depth reporting. These features are not meant, though, to serve the interests of the Committee or The Cavalier Daily -- they're meant to serve the interests of the entire University community. After all, the articles are rooted in the objective and the newsworthy -- not subjective propaganda.

So, tomorrow, when you pick up the paper, turn to the Focus section. We're exploring the "benefits" of honor. Next week, expect another feature, and the week after, too. Enjoy!