Sunday, October 5, 2008

A local perspective

You've watched the debates on TV. You've read the national newspapers' coverage of the campaigns. But are you aware what's going on in the battleground state of Virginia this election season? This fall, The Cavalier Daily is offering readers an opportunity each week to take an in-depth look at Virginia politics.

If you haven't been reading our website daily, you may want to take a look back through a few of our recent politics-related features: we'd recommend this article about McCain and Obama's strategies for winning Virginia, this piece about Governor Tim Kaine's role in the Obama campaign and this article about the ongoing Senate race in Virginia. Finally, don't miss the opportunity to check out this CNN article about conservative student voters in Virginia written by our senior news associate editor, Shea Connelly.

In the upcoming weeks, stay tuned to The Cavalier Daily's website or print edition for a look back at Senator John Warner's concluding Senate career, an update on the General Assembly races and U.Va. professors' roles in informing the public during election season, among other topics. On the Opinion page, you can look forward to continued debate between representatives of the University Democrats and College Republicans. (Missed this week's guest columns by the two groups? Click here.) We hope to see readers remain active, as well, by submitting letters to the editor offering feedback on our coverage during this exciting political season.

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