Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Going back in time

Continually published since 1890, The Cavalier Daily can be a useful source of information for more than just today's headlines. Students, faculty and others conducting research or interested in reading about the University's past can find what they're looking for in The Cavalier Daily's archives. Depending on what type of information you're looking for, there are a number of ways to access our previously published content.

Though still under construction, our Web site will soon be the easiest way to access information dating back to fall 1999. If you know exactly when the article you're looking for ran in the print edition, this information is already accessible by entering in a URL in the following format: http://www.cavalierdaily.com/1999-09-16. We know this is far from a convenient approach for most of you, though, so we're working to get our search function operating for our archived content as soon as possible. Though it may seem overwhelming to look through several years worth of archives for the information you're seeking, know that we're also looking into the feasibility of making our search function more specific, allowing visitors to choose whether they want to search through content from the past month, from the past year or from the past several years.

Until all of our website functionality is restored, though, how else can you access our archived content? If there's a particular article, comic or photo you're looking for, you can contact our operations manager, who oversees our archiving, and someone from our staff will help you get a photocopy from our print archives. Similarly, some of the University of Virginia's libraries also archive our content, including the Special Collections Library and Alderman Library.

We hope these resources will help you take advantage of the U.Va. and Virginia history we've covered over the years. Good luck in your search!


mrinitialman said...

The thing I liked best about the Cavalier Daily is the HUGE archive of comics it had, comics like Action Daxton, Permanent Tanooki, Ghost Cat, Second Nature, and my favorite, Coach Ranom. It also had links to those comics' webpages (if it had any).

Are you going to be providing links to such webcomics again? If you are, I know where Coach Random's is.

Kristin Hawkins said...

I'll certainly pass the idea along to our webmaster; though the current focus is making our most recent content as accessible as possible, that would be a great way to expand our archives.

mrinitialman said...

Cool! In case you need it, the website for Coach Random is at http://coachrandom.furtopia.org (I know this because I'm the webmaster for that site.)