Monday, September 8, 2008

Welcome to the University's Journalism School

Attention new students: It's not too late. Now that you've settled into classes and gotten used to your dorm and O-Hill food, why not try something new? The Cavalier Daily is a great place to learn things you can't find in a classroom at the University and to make great friends.

Don't have any journalism experience? That doesn't bother us. Most of us aren't even English majors — and besides, there's a lot you can get involved with at The Cavalier Daily other than writing. Whether you're interested in drawing, honing your layout and design skills, running a small company, or becoming the next Katie Couric (a Cav Daily alumna, by the way), you can find a place at The Cavalier Daily. (To check out a description of all the departments, click here.)

Still skeptical about whether The Cavalier Daily is right for you? The vast majority of positions on our staff have no application or tryout process, and most staffers come in with no journalism background — you'll pick up everything you need to know from other students on the staff. And if you're worried about the time commitment, don't be: If you come in to see what life is like as a staff writer, page designer, photography staffer or graphic artist, you haven't signed your life away in any sense. You can come in to contribute to your section once a month, once a week or daily — whatever suits your schedule and interest level. In fact, many staff members do just that; The Cavalier Daily is a great place to build a portfolio of articles, photographs, comics or page design.

So, what's stopping you now? E-mail today or stop by our office in the basement of Newcomb Hall to get started. We hope to see you soon!

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